ELSM/NWCA Social media of Year (SMOY) Awards

#SMOY Partners

#SMOY Partners

The Social Media of the Year (SMOY) Awards were created during 2012-13 season with the goal of honoring head coaches, assistant coaches, and athletes who were investing in social media to help grow the sport of wrestling. In essence, these are individuals who promote their program and engage with fans to help build support in college wrestling. A list of finalists are listed on the category pages below. Voting will take place in July.



Once the finalists have been announced, each candidate will be evaluated on their performance based on quality of posts and interaction with followers on Twitter. In addition, there will be a voting component that will take place in July that will make up 20% of the criteria. In addition to votes, the points will be based on the quality of the interaction from the candidate during the voting period. More information on this process will be released when the final list of nominees are announced.

AWARDS FOR WINNERSThe winner from each category will be presented a 16×20 framed custom awards poster (see examples below). In addition, winners will receive a FlipsWrestling one-of-a-kind custom #SMOY headset designed by Compound Clothing.  In addition, all 8 All-American finalists will receive a custom #SMOY shirt designed by Compound Clothing.

Press release on FlipsWrestling headset partnership  

Press release on Compound shirt partnership.


PAST AWARD WINNERS: The winners of the SMOY awards in the inaugural 2012-13 SMOY Awards program were Kerry McCoy, Ray Blake, and Tony Ramos. Each of these individuals are eligible this year to defend their titles.